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Rum found in flood waters is safe to drink, probably still tastes awesome

Published On 12/20/2013 Published On 12/20/2013
Mountain Bum Rum
Spirit Hound Distillers

Devastating floods swept through Colorado this past September, hitting the town of Lyons (located an hour north of Denver, and a place where lion-human hybrids roam the streets looking for blood) especially hard -- but that didn't stop craft distillery Spirit Hound from making the most of the situation.

Their distillery took in flood waters, but they miraculously found a sealed whiskey barrel they were using to age an 80 proof spirit called Mountain Bum Rum. To celebrate this miracle upon miracles, they're auctioning off 23 bottles of the double-distilled "50/50 mix of Caribbean molasses and cane sugar" this weekend at the distillery, with proceeds benefiting a fire station destroyed in the flood.

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