Four Horsemen is the Perfect Shot for Whiskey Lovers

This barroom classic is not for the faint of heart.

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Photo by Marisa Chafetz for Supercall
Photo by Marisa Chafetz for Supercall

When you can’t choose between your favorite whiskeys, just put all of them in one shot glass and gulp it down. This classic shot recipe features a back bar's worth of booze in one glass, lending gravity to its ominous name.

What are the four horsemen?

As with so many things in life, it depends on whom you ask. In Christian scripture, the four horsemen are beings who bring all manner of suffering to earth while riding atop white, red, black, and pale horses. In most bars, however, they're quartets of hard liquor combined in one apocalyptic shooter. 

The shot can be made with many different types of alcohol, but the classic recipe calls for four whiskeys whose names start with the letter J: Jim Beam, John Jameson, Johnnie Walker, and Jack Daniel. All are combined in equal parts to a shot glass and then served. There's no shaking, straining, or even stirring required. 

Sometimes called the horsemen cocktail, this shot is easy to make but can be slightly difficult to drink. If you're a whiskey lover, however, we're sure you’ll be fine. 

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Four Horsemen



  • .75 oz Bourbon
  • .75 oz Jack Daniel’s
  • .75 oz Scotch
  • .75 oz Irish Whiskey


Step one

Combine all ingredients in equal parts in a large shot glass and fire at will.

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