Everything You Need to Know About the World's Most Important Beers

world beer
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We live in a wonderful time of international relations… in the beer aisle. We've got beer from all over the world at our disposal, ranging in style from fizzy yellow lagers to complex stouts, sours, and beyond. It's amazing. But also a little bit intimidating -- and a lot confusing.

In order to demystify the beer aisle, we've pieced together guides to basically all the beer styles you're likely to encounter, based on their countries of origin. Below, you'll find everything you need to know about every beer that matters, from what it is to what to eat with it.

american beer
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United States

The youngest country on this rundown is also responsible for some of beer's most popular varieties, from American IPAs to ambers and cream ales. Learn about America's contributions to the world of beer right here.

Belgian beer
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Belgium might also be known for lace and giving us the star of Hard Target, but it's also home to a centuries-old tradition of brewing that has been emulated and embraced the world over. Learn all about Belgian beer's wonder right here.

German beer
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Germany and the Czech Republic

Brewing everything from Pilsners to Oktoberfests and goses, Germany and the Czech Republic churn out the kinds of beers best enjoyed in gigantic steins, beers steeped in years of tradition and strict rules. They're also some of the most respected beers in the world. Find out all about das beer right here.

British beer
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England and Ireland

Contrary to our constant punchlines, it's not all warm pints and footie across the pond. From the original IPA to browns and stouts, these beers helped lay the blueprints for more aggressive American craft. Everything you need to know about 'em is right here.

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