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The next step in email's evolution

Check email. Check Facebook. Check Twitter. Retweet. Check Email. Open email from kook relative. Click link to YouTube video about how a secret society of reptilian super beings are controlling us through auto-tuned pop stars. Get frustrated by video, and open Facebook in new tab to rant about said indecipherable conspiratorial nonsense. Repeat.Now imagine if you could do all that in the same browser window... minus the frustration? No, don't imagine, sign up to actually do it for real with, Microsoft's totally free email service.Set your default Thrillist email to, and not only will you have access to the game-changing arsenal of features but you'll also score user-exclusive upgrades to Thrillist-curated Rewards experiences. Buy a Paid Dues Hip Hop Festival ticket and, because you're an user, you'll get a flight voucher thrown in for free. So you'll be doing the very coolest stuff out there, with awesome free upgrades, while the rest of the world stares at a non-optimized screen.