Light Up Sagittarius Season with This Flaming Cocktail

The Harry Potter-inspired Goblet of Fire is a festive cocktail for the holiday season and perfect for fiery Sagittarius.

flaming goblet of fire cocktail
Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist
Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist

Symbolized by a centaurian archer, Sagittarius is a sign that’s always looking forward, eager for the next adventure. Lasting from November 22 through December 21, this mutable fire sign closes out autumn and ushers us through the holiday season.

Known for its burning curiosity and on a constant quest for learning, Sagittarius season is an ideal time to take in your progress from the last year. Consider what worked and what didn’t, who supported you along the way, and slowly begin retracting that bow to line up your next shot. Sagittarius is bold and brave, and this could be a time to challenge yourself to think big—even if your own dreams intimidate you.

Also fitting for the holiday season, Sagittarius sure knows how to have a good time. This is a sign that understands the importance of fun and how letting go of our constant to-do lists can leave room for inspiration and creativity to enter the picture. As we enjoy some much-needed time off and spend more time with family and friends, you might lead a Sagittarian-inspired circle where each person shares something they’re proud of accomplishing this year, and something they hope to pursue in the next.

Should you decide to take up this activity, we suggest mixing up this Goblet of Fire cocktail to kick things off with a bang. The Harry Potter–inspired drink evokes the holidays with cinnamon and spiced rum, and its fiery top is a dramatic homage to Sagittarius’ unextinguishable spark of wisdom.

Goblet of Fire

• 6 blackberries
• 2 ounces gold or dark rum
• 2 dashes bitters
•1–2 teaspoons honey
• Splash of overproof spiced rum
• Dash of cinnamon (optional)

1. Smash the blackberries with the aged rum, bitters, and honey in a shaker.
2. Shake vigorously and strain the drink into a goblet or wine glass.
3. Top the drink with overproof rum (lower-proof rum can be used for a less visible and subtle flame).
4. With a lighter, safely light the drink. Sprinkle cinnamon to create sparks (optional).
5. Blow out the fire and add an ice cube to chill the drink.

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Danielle Dorsey is the Senior West Coast Editor for Thrillist.