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These states are the most passionate about beer, according to Google

Google just dropped a ton of year-end data on us, and we learned, among other things, that people are constantly hitting the search engine up for Budweiser intel. (Plus Godzilla GIFs, obviously.) But forget brand names -- we wanted to know where the biggest, all-purpose beer nerds in the nation reside, so we did some data mining of our own. Turns out the state with the most curiosity about brews is Pennsylvania, followed by Colorado, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Michigan:

PA also made a big showing when you break the term down by cities. Pittsburgh topped the list, while Philly earned a respectable third slot, right below Denver. Big hitters like Chicago and San Francisco were also in the mix, alongside smaller names like Affton, MO and Celebration, FL (where we assume Kool & the Gang plays 24/7).

As for specific queries, people were all about finding the best beers... plus root beer. It also looks like some people are still discovering beer pong, as well as how to "drink a beer".

Head over to Google Trends to have your own fun messing with the stats. And to the fine people of Pittsburgh, we concede all present and future beer trivia contests.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is disappointed in New York's showing here. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.