Guinness to release a red beer; the world to continue onward, maybe

Guinness Red Harvest Stout

Since beer lovers around the world are still learning how to pour the perfect Guinness, the Irish brewers have been hesitant to throw off people's game with a bunch of seasonal nonsense. But someone at the Guinness factory must've gone rogue, because it turns out we're getting a limited edition Fall brew... and it's RED

We know what you're thinking. "But surely you can't be serious! Guinness is always dark brown deliciousness!" First of all, Airplane! joke. Second of all, trust us, this is not a drill. The Red Harvest Stout will indeed have a deep red color, along with "aromas of caramel and toffee" and a "sweet malty taste". This stuff is mad imminent, too. Red Harvest Stout will be on shelves as soon as September

This new Guinness variety was apparently inspired by the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The All Hallows' Eve celebration marked the end of the Fall harvest and welcomed the start of Winter. During Samhain, a bunch of druid dudes attempted to call spirits by offering sweet crops and sick bonfires. No word yet on whether the Red Harvest Stout will come bottled with old Irish ghosts, so we guess you'll just have to pick up a four-pack to find out.