This Is How Guinness Is Fighting for a Dark Beer Emoji

Published On 03/08/2016 Published On 03/08/2016
Sean Cowie/Thrillist

As of this writing, the "beer" emoji has been used 5,018,563 times... just on Twitter. So what's wrong with that? Yes, it's an amazing celebration of the power of beer and the return of writing hieroglyphics (thanks, ancient Egypt!) -- but only one kind of beer. This emoji that represents all of the delicious rainbow of brews is clearly a pale iteration, and Guinness is not happy about it. In fact, they've penned a memo and petition to the Unicode Consortium (the actual real body that somehow controls emoji) calling for the creation of the Stoutmoji. Read it below, get fired up, and join the fight for equal representation of beer all across the nation and the world... at least in funny little picture form.

Sean Cowie/Thrillist


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