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Healthy, Hangover-Free Booze Could Be Coming Your Way

Published On 03/18/2015 Published On 03/18/2015

Genetic engineering sometimes brings forth horrors like ravenous dinosaurs and shirtless Jeff Goldblums, but scientists at the University of Illinois have used the process for something that could actually benefit mankind: reducing the toxins that cause you to feel like crap after downing too much wine.
As reported by -- editors of which are smarter than ours -- researchers developed a "jailbreaking" yeast. Using a badass-sounding "genome knife," scientists can whittle away at genomes in order to make the yeasts involved with fermentation less likely to render you into a Sunday-long parade of Seinfeld reruns and cold pizza. The yeast could actually lead to enzymes that would allow scientists to incorporate healthier elements -- like, say, bioactive qualities from ginseng -- into wine yeast. This is to say nothing of the benefits this research could have for beer.
Typically, when we associate “jail” and "wine," the results are much more horrifying. But as long as this doesn't lead to anything resembling Jurassic Park 3, we're once again big fans of genetic engineering.

Andy Kryza is a senior editor on Thrillist's Food & Drink team, and thinks Chris Pratt is going to make an excellent T-Rex this summer. Follow him to confused casting calls: @apkryza.



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