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Have a robot bartender make your drink in eastern Germany

Published On 07/29/2013 Published On 07/29/2013

The bartender at your go-to pub definitely knows his stuff, but don't you want to get your drink mixed by a guy who won't bring up your, ahem, "Single Ladies" bartop dance? Just hop a plane to Deutschland and you can order a 'tail from a completely judgement-free robot bartender. "Carl" the robotender is currently serving booze over at the Robots Bar and Lounge in Ilmenau, Germany. The creation of mechatronics engineer Ben Schaefer of H&S-Robots, Carl can measure out liquor, add it to cocktail shakers, and even have short conversations with his customers. A belt with sensors stops him from toppling over the bar (like you mid-"Single Ladies") and he even sports a red bowtie, because he is a fancy mechanical man indeed. If you want to see Carl in action, you better get to the Robots Bar and Lounge long before happy hour: There're only nine seats in this futuristic booze-hole.



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