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Heroic scientists create beer that won't give you a hangover

Penicillin was a pretty cool scientific innovation, we guess, but everyone can shut up about Alexander Fleming from this day forward 'cause dude just got bested. A team of sweet angel researchers at the Griffith Health Institute just experimented with a hydrating beer that could spell the end of epically terrible Sunday mornings

You know how it is when you forget to chug water after a night out: the next day you hate everything except for your dark bedroom and 1700 episodes of Bones on Netflix. That's why the GHI crowd started looking into a beer with extra electrolytes that would replenish your fluids as you're boozing

Associate Professor Ben Desbrow led the gang in manipulating the electrolyte levels of two commercial beers: one light and one standard. They then gave enhanced and normal versions of both beers to seven test subjects who had been sweating it out on ergometers and monitored their fluid recovery levels. Turns out, the enhanced light beer was not messing around: It was a third more effective at hydrating the guys than standard beer.

Sadly, the same could not be said for the amped-up standard beer, which was about as effective as its plain old, non-juiced counterpart. Which means, yes, the catch to this miracle beer is that you'd probably have to go light. Which just means you have to drink twice as many! But if they're electrolyting all cool and stuff, it should be just fine?