Everything You Never Knew About The Martini

Did you know that Daniel Craig is the most martini-loving James Bond of all time, tipping back 3.33 per film despite not drinking anymartinis in Skyfall? With Spectre set to release in theaters, we thought now might be a good time to dig deeper into the martini's boisterous history, past the things you probably already knew (that it might or might not be descended from the Martinez) and into the realm of things you most likely did not (Frank Sinatra: not good at drinking martinis). Stroll through our lovely infographic, and don't be afraid to get dirty with these factoids.

Martini Infographic


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If you're a purist who enjoys it when people call the rocks martini an abomination "in the same class with fast foods, rock 'n' roll, snowmobiles, acid rain, polyester fabrics, and supermarket tomatoes," then you should definitely also read Lowell Edmund's Silver Bullet: The Martini in American Civilization.