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Genius Travels 5,000 Miles Using Beer to Pay for His Rides

Published On 11/11/2016 Published On 11/11/2016

When traveling from country to country, it can be annoying to have to change currencies in order to buy things like a hostel bed for a night. But there is one currency much of the world accepts: beer. One resourceful hitchhiker discovered that as he journeyed from the UK to India for eight long weeks, using only beer to "pay" for transportation and places to stay, The Telegraph reported.

Emmanuel Marshall, the experienced traveler behind the blog Raw Safari, teamed up with Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn for his trip. The company provided Marshall with unlimited cans to give away (and probably drink) along his travels. Marshall says he took the trip to remind people of the original passage the original British IPAs took from Britain to India. (If you're a real nerd, you can learn the story of how hoppy beer came to be on these expeditions in the 1800s.)

Innis & Gunn

Marshall managed to truly live the dream: He started in Edinburgh, Scotland before making his way across Europe to countries like Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece, eventually ending in India. This was all done with cans of beer except for when the brewery flew him from Greece to India. Sure, he kind of cheated, but Marshall was traveling for eight weeks and 5,000 miles, so let's cut the guy a break.

It's clear that beer and travel are inextricably linked, but since you probably don't have a brewery offering you free beer when you go abroad, it's important to learn how to order a beer no matter where you find yourself.

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