Whiskey infused coffee, a flask, assorted drinking gifts
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28 Boozy Gifts for Less Than $75

Metal straws, gold cocktail sugar, and copper bottle opener
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Metal straws

Price: $6.95
Where to purchase: Crate and Barrel
If you love drinking and hate spilling all over yourself, straws have long been your friend. But unfortunately, the plastic they are frequently made out of is no friend to the environment. Good thing these shiny, reusable, and super-affordable stainless-steel versions are here to keep everybody -- including Mother Earth -- in good spirits.

Gold cocktail sugar

Price: $6.45
Where to purchase: Dell Cove Spice Co.
The easiest way to make any drink look classy (even if it is just a bottle of Smirnoff Ice poured into a coupe glass) is to give it a rim of sparkly sugar. Each of these tins holds a full 2.5oz of sweet, shiny gold sugar that is primed and ready to glitz the bejeezus out of the nearest cocktail -- and it’s the perfect gift for anyone looking to fill out their bar cart.

Copper bottle opener

Price: $9
Where to purchase: Kikkerland
If you’re into giving practical gifts, pass on the gym sock multipack this year and spring for this gorgeous vintage copper bottle opener instead. It’s as pretty as it is useful, and it does a hell of a job popping the top off the beers you swore you were going to give up as part of your New Year’s resolution.

six-pack greeting card and sombrero shot glasses
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

A six-pack greeting card

Price: $4.95
Where to purchase: Smartsy
Everyone knows that a greeting card is an undeniably lame present. Like you-only-remembered-our friendship-while-picking-up-toothpaste-at-Walgreens lame. But, if that greeting card happens to also be a six-pack stocked with your buddy’s favorite beers, then they might forgive you for forgetting them. Maybe.

Sombrero shot glasses

Price: $9.99
Where to purchase: Perpetual Kid
Take it from us -- tequila shots aren’t just for Cancun-bound frat boys gone wild. Transition the drink into adulthood with these clever, colorful, and conveniently stackable little sombrero shot glasses. The elevated top rim holds the salt, while the brim serves as the perfect platform for a much-needed lime wedge.

Spritz book, Smoked honey whiskey sour cocktail syrup, Death Star ice mold
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Death Star ice mold

Price: $12.99
Where to purchase: ThinkGeek
Let’s be honest -- every Star Wars enthusiast wishes they could spend a night at Mos Eisley Cantina, knocking back cold ones with Luke, Obi-Wan, and the rest of the rebel boys. But seeing as they will never actually be able to travel to a galaxy far, far away, console your favorite Darth Vader fan with this mold. It produces a seriously detailed Death Star-shaped ice cube that will look great in any whiskey glass.  


Price: $12
Where to purchase: Amazon
Goad your buddy into becoming your personal bartender with this in-depth look at Italy’s beloved pre-dinner drink: the spritz. The book is loaded with both iconic (like Aperol-spiked prosecco) and nouveau recipes (such as Campari mixed with a raspberry liqueur and an IPA), making it a summery antidote to mid-winter blues.

Smoked honey whiskey sour cocktail syrup

Price: $15
Where to purchase: Bittermilk
The quickest way to ruin a perfectly good whiskey sour is to make it with a pre-bottled sour mix. But ain’t nobody got time to make the drink from scratch after a long day of work. Instead, turn to this seriously good-looking bottle of cocktail syrup from Charleston’s Bittermilk. Made with a harmonious mix of bitter orange peel and smoked honey, all it needs is a hefty pour of whiskey to turn into the best damn part of your day. 

Besk Liqueur, Luxardo cherries, Don't fuck up the table coasters
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Luxardo cherries

Price: $19.95
Where to purchase: Williams-Sonoma
Luxardo cherries are the fruit version of when that nerd from middle school grows up to be a Calvin Klein underwear model. They make those bright-red maraschino cherries jealous with their good looks, and make your drinks instantly classier with their deep maroon hue. Made in Luxardo, Italy and preserved in their own liqueur, the cherries are a garnish every cocktail drinker would appreciate. 

Coffee to Cocktails mug

Price: $19.99
Where to purchase: ModCloth
Drinking cocktails out of coffee mugs is a real throwback to college, except for in the case of this cup from ModCloth. This unusually shaped chalice can be used to drink both martinis and espresso and it has an insulated double-walled chamber that keeps the former beverage cold and the latter drink hot. 

Letherbee Bësk

Price: $14
Where to purchase: Ezra's
The great city of Chicago IS known for quite a few things -- deep-dish pizza, a recently broken World Series curse, and, of course, the local enthusiasm for a pucker-inducing booze known as Malort. Letherbee, a local distillery, makes a version of the herbaceous Swedish liquor that is sold under the Bësk moniker. It’s not exactly for the faintest of heart, but it’s definitely one of the most unique gifts you can give the cocktail enthusiast in your life. 

"Don't Fuck Up the Table" coasters

Price: $19.99
Where to purchase: Amazon
Listen, a good coffee table is a precious commodity. It’s the one surface in your house where you can rest snacks, your feet, and the remote, so you’re allowed to be protective over it. These coasters will show your serious about your furniture all while protecting it from the wood-ruining hell of an ice-cold can of beer.

Cactus coasters, Gold trident barspoon, jigger, Copper party cup
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Copper party cup

Price: $16
Where to purchase: MoMA Store
This sturdy, copper-plated version of a co-ed’s favorite drinking vessel (the classic red Solo cup) delivers all the benefits of one of those old-timey mint julep cups while still being the perfect cup for a game of beer pong. It’s perfect for any grown-up who doesn’t want to quite give into purchasing the glassware of adulthood. 

Japanese jigger

Price: $16.95
Where to purchase: Cocktail Kingdom
If there were such a thing as the Rolls-Royce of jiggers, this would be it. It’s very easy to become mesmerized with the tool’s sleek black-and-gold design, so just make sure to also pay attention to how much booze you are pouring into the jigger, or brace for a future filled with stiff cocktails.  

Gold trident barspoon 

Price: $20
Where to purchase: Umami Mart
No, this is not a stick of the popular gum brand on a spoon: A trident barspoon is actually a must-have tool for your home bar. Its purpose is twofold: You can use the gold-plated elongated spoon side to stir a classic cocktail like a Manhattan, and you can use the trident side to poke garnishes like a Luxardo cherry, which you'll obviously drop into that Manhattan.

Cactus coasters

Price: $24.99
Where to purchase: Perpetual Kid
Sure, plants look nice in your home, but they always seem to die. And they never protect the surfaces of your tables. Luckily, this cactus-shaped coaster set is practically immortal, and artfully displays six cork-covered coasters made to look like everyone's favorite desert plant. Best of all, it requires no water. 

Coffee whisky, whisky stones, pineapple tumblers, Kikori whisky
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Coffee whiskey

Price: $35
Where to purchase: Fliquor Bean
If you’re the sort of person that combines your coffee with a pour of whiskey, Fliquor Bean takes all the work out of it for you. Made from organic coffee and corn whiskey, it also tastes great mixed into a mug of steamed milk for a boozy latte. 

Geometric whiskey stones

Price: $35
Where to purchase: Uncommon Goods
Whiskey on the rocks is a solid drink choice. Whiskey on a cool geometrically shaped rock is an even more solid drink choice. Best of all, these marble stones keep your whiskey cold without watering the good stuff down and they’re photogenic as hell, meaning all your future cocktail Instagrams are about to get so many likes.

Kikori whisky

Price: $49.99
Where to purchase: Whisky Shop USA
Japanese whisky is super-hot right now, and Kikori manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to its unique flavor profile. The drink starts with 100% rice spirits that take a three-year slumber in oak and sherry casks, and emerges as a singular spirit. Last year Playboy named it one of the best bottles on the market… we know you totally read that for the articles, but maybe you missed it.

Pineapple tumbler

Price: $35
Where to purchase: Uncommon Goods
A pineapple Tumblr is a site cool tweens are super-into. A pineapple tumbler is a gift suited for someone who enjoys a good Tiki drink. This brass-finished aluminum vessel is just begging to have a Mai Tai, mojito, or rum punch poured into it -- but you can just as easily fill it with bougie sparkling water, including LaCroix, if that’s more your pace. 

Craft your own bitters kit, rosemary vodka, Classic growler
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Wine preserver bottle

Price: $50
Where to purchase: Uncommon Goods
It happens to the best of us: You crack open a nice bottle of pinot (or a “nice” box of “pinot”) and sit down for a little Gilmore Girls marathon, only to find yourself so enraptured with Rory’s college plans that you don’t drink the entire thing. Three days later, it’s just a bottle of purple crap. Unless you use this bottle, which has a little floating mechanism that seals the goods off from the evils of oxygen, keeping it nice and fresh for a week, or about the time it takes to get through all the seasons of Gilmore Girls consecutively. 

Craft Your Own Bitters Kit

Price: $64.95
Where to purchase: Hella Company
While the current political climate has churned out its fair share of bitterness, you can’t exactly bottle that kind and add it to your favorite cocktails. This kit teaches you how to make homemade bitters using a blend of herbs, a bunch of science-y bottles, and simple bar tools. All you need to supply is your own alcohol, and boom, you’ve got your own barside apothecary/therapy kit.

Oola rosemary vodka

Price: $45
Where to purchase: Mouth
Born of Seattle and packing the emerald hue to prove it, Oola’s smooth, herbal vodka is a killer complement to everything from a gin fizz to a Bloody, adding a nice rosemary kick that doesn’t overpower. If you have a friend who loves infused drinks, but you’re tired of picking herbs out of your teeth every time you have a drink with them, this is a solid move, both for you and them.

Classic growler

Price: $50
Where to purchase: Stanley
It looks like the kind of old-timey thermos your grandpa (and Steve Martin) toted around, but hopefully grandpa wasn’t lugging 64oz of craft beer to work in his vacuum-insulated steel thermos. This growler’s a beast, able to keep beer frosty for over 24 hours. It also works great for hot stuff, provided you want your lunch to consist of 64oz of hot soup.  

Copper flask, Cocktail Mix Kit, Beer throw pillow, Rainbow tumblers
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Rainbow tumblers 

Price: $40
Where to purchase: MoMA Store
Whether you’re celebrating Pride, are obsessed with the seventh Radiohead album, or just want to add some color to a drink, these mesmerizing glasses belong on your bar. The color in the curvature at the bottom actually travels up the side of the glass, making the cup fun to drink out of, even if your drink of choice is just water. 

Electrolyte-Infused Cocktail Mix Kit

Price: $75
Where to purchase: AHALife
No longer must you mix rum into Gatorade to get the preemptive hangover-busting benefits of electrolytes. These San Francisco-made elixirs -- lemondrop, Moscow mule, and margarita – are made with real juice, are low in sugar, but are still explosive in flavor. They also come with little Moscow mule cups, unlike Gatorade.

Beer throw pillow

Price: $27
Where to purchase: Society6
Emblazoned with old-timey, frothing beer mugs, this is the perfect couch pillow for people who really want guests to know that they should have brought beer when they came over. It’s 100% polyester, meaning that if you had brought beer over, it wouldn’t have stained the pillow. 

Copper flask

Price: $34
Where to purchase: W&P Designs
Sometimes even the most fervent cocktail enthusiast wants to drink a nice Moscow mule in a laundromat parking lot, but that doesn’t meant they should have to sacrifice the drink’s signature copper vessel. Enter this copper-plated, stainless-steel flask, which holds 7oz of booze. Just because you’re trying not to be seen drinking in public doesn’t mean you can’t look classy when you do get seen. Unless it’s by a cop. They don’t give a shit how fancy your flask is.

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