This Gadget Makes Almond Milk From Scratch in 30 Seconds

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Do you love the convenience of making your own milk at home, but hate the hassle of feeding, cleaning, milking, and maintaining the 1,600lb cow in your living room? 

While getting milk straight from the teat in the comfort of your own home presents some unavoidable complications, making almond milk in your kitchen is now an efficient, dairy-free reality, thanks to a new device. Called the Almond Cow, the machine has destroyed its Kickstarter goal (currently sitting at more than eight times the original $10k goal) by promising a homemade almond milk experience that's cheap, easy, and mess-free. And by all accounts, it delivers.

Despite some detractors, almond milk is an excellent alternative for the lactose intolerant, or those looking to cut down on calories. And it's quite popular these days. Hell, even Starbucks has it on the menu.  

Here is how the machine works: After soaking a cup of almonds overnight (this is the most time-consuming part of the process... and in theory you should be asleep during it), you put the almonds in a hopper-cup, and add that cup to the machine. After that, you literally just hit a button, the almonds are blended, and in 30 seconds you have almond milk. Cleanup is as easy as cleaning out a tiny mixing bowl.

Using the Almond Cow is probably simpler than making a cup of coffee. And -- by making it yourself -- you'll know the almond milk you drink is fresh and additive-free. You also get the added benefit of knowing you made something, which might help add some purpose to your life. 

One of the largest cons about almond milk is the pricing -- on Amazon Fresh, 48oz of almond milk runs between $3 and $4. Bougie, all-natural, organic almond milks can run a much higher price tag. With the Almond Cow, you are getting 1.3 liters (slightly less than 48oz) per every half-cup of almonds. Seeing as the device is $120 on Kickstarter, you'll start to make your money back by the 30th use (earlier if you're someone who buys high-end nut milks). You would be, erm, nuts not to take this deal. 

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