The often-frightening amounts of caffeine in energy drinks, from Monster to 5-hour Energy

How much caffeine is in energy drinks

Despite the surprisingly high caffeine content of your favorite coffees, sometimes you just need bigger wings. And although every energy drink markets itself as a potion that'll turn you from a sleepy-eyed nobody into a rage-filled life of the party/king of the workplace, branding alone won't tell you which drink gives a buzz that's light-years above the rest. So, in the name of science (kinda) and the pursuit of ultimate caffeination, we created this handy infographic of caffeine per fluid ounce, using stats culled from the jittery folks at to show whether it's best to reach for that Mario Power Up, shoot a Spike Shotgun, or just be boring and down a 5-hour Energy... which somehow doesn't kill everyone who drinks it. (Just for reference, a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee is almost 13mg/fl oz.)

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