Smirnoff Sourced™ is what vodka would look and taste like if vodka decided to move to LA and teach yoga and have brunch on Sundays. The folks at Smirnoff have put a serious twist on a classic with its line of colorful, gluten-free vodka infused with real fruit juice. We went ahead and talked to the folks behind Smirnoff’s latest addition to learn the story of Smirnoff Sourced and just how it’s innovating the vodka industry with its focus on real ingredients.

It doesn’t look or taste like regular vodka

Smirnoff Sourced is basically classic Smirnoff No. 21’s cool younger sister with the enviably colorful wardrobe (hey Solange). And we mean that literally (sort of) -- Sourced is made from classic Smirnoff vodka; they have the same DNA.

When this vodka is being made, the base is fermented down then triple-distilled, and finally, filtered through charcoal 10 times to remove impurities that could mess with the flavor. But here’s where Smirnoff Sourced and Smirnoff’s classic No. 21 diverge. Smirnoff Sourced then adds natural flavors, natural juice from concentrate, and cane sugar before blending. This is not the same as a fruit-flavored vodka -- Sourced is infused with real fruit juice*, and you can taste the difference. For consistency and vibrancy, color is added after. Its three flavors -- cranberry apple, ruby red grapefruit, and pineapple -- are bright red, pink, and yellow respectively, creating a ready-to-be-sipped cocktail -- just add ice and a splash of club soda.

It’s made with a focus on authentic ingredients

Most vodkas are gluten-free to begin with; it’s when you add flavoring that things get about as complicated as a long distance relationship. Unlike most flavored vodkas, Sourced has no high fructose corn syrup; instead, it's sweetened with real fruit juice and cane sugar. Added bonus: It’s only 90 calories per 1.5 ounce serving.

“People are looking for healthier options,” says Jim Sias, Diageo’s director of influencer and advocacy marketing.  “People care about ingredients, whether we’re talking about food, desserts, or in this case, alcohol. What’s inside of your drink matters now more than ever.”

Courtesy of Smirnoff

Its fruity flavor is great in simple mixed drinks and even au naturel

Smirnoff Sourced is essentially a cocktail in and of itself because it’s been infused with this aforementioned real fruit juice -- which should appeal to anyone who isn’t a natural-born mixologist. Its simplicity and fruity flavor lends itself well to simple cocktail creations -- even a few ice cubes and some seltzer will not only do the job, but totally crush it.

For something a little bit more involved (but not too crazy), we’ve created three Smirnoff Sourced-based cocktails that are super easy to make at home, whether for yourself and a friend or a full party. You’re going to want pumpkin spice to take a seat after trying ginger beer and Cranberry-Apple with grated cinnamon during Sunday brunch. Speaking of brunch…

Smirnoff Sourced was made with the weekend in mind -- specifically, brunch

While Smirnoff Sourced is for anyone (21 and over, of course) anytime, Smirnoff looked at the weekend landscape to see what was missing. Why, they thought, are the only two main brunch options Bloody Marys and mimosas and how can they introduce a new one?

“We were like, ‘Well what’s the common denominator there?’ And it’s this aspect of fruit juice kind of livening up your daily activities,” Sias says. You might not reach for a dark beer or a whiskey neat at 12pm, but because Smirnoff Sourced is fruity, Smirnoff saw it could be enjoyed in a more casual setting. And what’s more casual than brunch with friends? Go ahead and impress them with your brunch cocktail making skills -- thank us later.

*Made with 10% real fruit juice from concentrate.


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