Stella Artois Gave Away a $10K Prize to Help Someone Live Their Best Life

The Super Bowl giveaway was designed to help people “live the Life Artois”


What’s the one thing stopping you from savoring more of life’s best moments? It’s probably those pesky responsibilities, right?

Stella Artois wanted to help two lucky people out with this conundrum on Super Bowl Sunday. During the big game, they gave away two $10,000 prizes, A.K.A. The Stella Savoring Fund. The fund is meant to help the winners to live out their personal version of “the Life Artois” — whatever that means to them. (May we suggest taking time off work to lie on a beach in Costa Rica? Backpacking through Europe with friends? Splurging on grill equipment for summer barbecues?)

The sweepstakes went down on Twitter on game day, where Stella shared bartender-esque wisdom from NFL legends about how to live “The Life Artois.” To enter for the chance to win, fans simply replied to the posts with how they'd use the money to get the most out of life, and crossed their fingers.

What exactly is The Life Artois? According to Stella, it’s a pretty simple premise: It’s essentially being more mindful about savoring the little moments with those who matter most — ideally, with a cold beer in hand.

In order to help more people live that life, the company enlisted some help. While Cincinnati played LA, NFL legends Eli Manning, Dan Marino, and Ryan Clark filled in for bartenders and restaurant workers across the country, so that they could head off to Inglewood, California, for the big game. Plus, Stella gave away five more pairs of tickets to the game earlier this week on Twitter.

Even if you didn't take home The Stella Savoring Fund, you can start living a little bit of the Life Artois right now — just be present with a cold pour of Stella and the people you love.