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Beer, now cooled by the Earth's crust

For years, scientists have been warning of global beer warming, but, until now, no one has had the guts to stand up to Big Ice.

Thanks to the four green-minded Danes behind the eCool, there's now a gadget that will naturally cool beer without ice or electricity. How it works: You dig a 3ft hole in the ground using a garden drill or a shovel or a pet gopher, then install the cooler. Earth's surprisingly chilly crust insulates up to 24 beers and keeps them at a refreshing temperature year-round. When you're feeling thirsty, a simple hand crank mechanism disperses a frosty beverage.

The cooler comes with a hefty price tag ($349!), and is not exactly portable, but theoretically this could pay for itself over time by lowering electricity bills and keeping the melting polar icecaps from ruining everyone's parties.

Dan Gentile is a staff writer on Thrillist's national food and drink team. He is totally incapable of digging a 3ft hole in the ground. Follow him to conventional refrigeration at @Dannosphere.