Weed-Infused Beer Is a Real Thing, and We Tell You How to Make It

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Mitchell Maglio
Mitchell Maglio

Now that weed is legal in Colorado to residents (and tourists!) over 21, a beer nerd on the subreddit /r/COBeer has begun brewing with it, as Coloradans have quickly tired of eating, vaporizing, and smoking it. According to user brad1775, marijuana-infused beer is "fantastic tasting stuff". Unless you're a homebrewer who's reading this from a place where weed is legal, do not try this at home. FEDS WATCHING!

Brad was nice enough to give us one of his favorite recipes for an IPA, which you can see here. If you don't homebrew and you'd like to learn more about this revolutionary beer, we've created a handy FAQ.

This beer tastes horrible, right?

No, it tastes good! This dude has worked at a homebrew shop, is a homebrewer himself for many years, AND he currently works for a local edibles manufacturing company in Colorado. He's got the perfect skill-set to make this awesome.

What sort of high does weed beer give you?

You'd get the same high as you would eating an edible (like a pot brownie), since both beer and food go through your intestines. Smoking your weed is so 2000-and-late.

Which style of beer will taste best with weed in it?

He's tried a whole slew of them, and has found any style of beer with hops in it works best: IPAs and Imperial IPAs being ideal. Turns out that weed and hops are "close relatives in the field", which makes them natural bedfellows in beer.

This is seriously illegal, right?

Since it's illegal to commercially sell a beer with any drugs in it, then yes. If the feds change their mind on marijuana being a dangerous Schedule 1 drug, this could eventually open the doors for legal weed beer, but homebrewing is definitely the fastest way to have some in your lifetime.

How much pot do you need to make this beer?

The recipe is right here. It only requires 3/4oz to produce a 5gal batch of beer. That's about 50ish beers. You can throw one helluva house party. Even better than the ones hosted by Kid 'n Play.

What strain should you make the beer with?

Blue Dream is available widely, and goes well with his recipe.

Is it super strong?

Yes. Each 12oz beer is like eating the equivalent of a strong brownie. But you might wanna only drink them on the weekends, as the effect lasts 12hrs.

You ever see the back of a $20 bill... on weed?

For real! It's mad trippy!

Take me to the recipe, I'm ready to brew!

Brew away.

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