How to Make The Bon Vivant Cocktail

This sweet and nutty cocktail is a cause for celebration.

bon vivant cocktail
Matthew Kelly / Supercall
Matthew Kelly / Supercall

They say that the tobacco flavors from a Bon Vivant cocktail are best paired with a celebratory cigar—whether you’re celebrating a piece of big business news or your team winning the NBA finals.

For Tomas van den Boomgaard, former beverage manager of Travelle Kitchen + Bar in Chicago’s Langham hotel, it was all about channeling the salty, fatty satisfaction of a really good charcuterie plate when he created this drink.

“The brown butter Hennessy provides a sweet and nutty flavor that enhances the sweet-sour Nobo Whole Fruit tea,” he says.

This recipe calls for a tobacco syrup, which isn’t difficult to concoct but could make you feel sick if not made correctly—so follow the directions closely. Serve with a wedge of hard, salty cheese like they do at Travelle.

The Bon Vivant

Sweet, Dry



Step one

Add all ingredients, save for the tea, to a shaker tin with ice.

Step two

Shake and strain into a chilled rocks glass.

Step three

Top with the tea and serve.

Contributed by Tomas van den Boomgaard