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Opening a Bar With Your Friends Is a Great Idea! Just Follow These Rules.

Published On 03/10/2015 Published On 03/10/2015
Brett David & Stephen Yorsz. (Anthony Humphreys/Thrillist)
Larry Rice and Shawn Cantley

“Sometimes passing along a problem can be the best way to fix it.” - Joe Dallas

Scott Baird and Josh Harris. (Grant Condon/Thrillist)
The Base Camp Brewery Crew
More old friends at the Silver Dollar. (Adam Robb/Thrillist)

“Back when I was working for somebody else, every time someone told me they were friends with the owner, I’d say, ‘So am I.’” - Larry Rice

Company togetherness device, Base Camp. (Andy Kryza/Thrillist)

"Everything you do should build up harmony in the partnership. Speak up when you’re really passionate, but when you’re not really passionate, just say 'cool'." - Josh Harris

The many breeds of Trick Dog. (Thrillist)
Stephen makes them, Brett names them. (Courtesy of The Line Group)

“Will we open another bar together? Who knows. But ours now is a huge success and we are having a blast like Thelma and Louise. That had a happy ending right?” - Brett David