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How to Saber a Champagne Bottle Like a Boss

Published On 08/22/2013 Published On 08/22/2013

As party tricks go, sabering a Champagne bottle is right at the top, even above "being Kid and/or Play." But it seems scary, and presents so many questions. Will I send shards of glass flying everywhere? How easy is it to hurt myself? Am I going to completely destroy my prized bottle of 2011 vintage Cook's? The answers: 1) no, 2) impossible, and 3) 2012 was a way better year, and everyone knows it. However, the first two are only true if you watch Employees Only cocktail man and Hey Bartender documentary star Steve Schneider display how to expertly pop the top off a bottle of bubbly. He uses a samurai sword and a Marines knife. You should probably use something from your kitchen.