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Dude to spend eternity in a giant bottle of Jack

When you finally leave this mortal coil (possibly because you've eaten all these foods and quaffed all these beers), it's important to leave your body in a kickass vessel. And while a mahogany casket is pretty classy, it's got nothing on the coffin that one Irishman worked up.

Anto Wickham commissioned the UK firm Crazy Coffins to make him a gigantic bottle of Jack Daniel's after seeing several army buddies killed in the Iraq War. He decided to plan his own funeral in case something happened during his service in the Royal Irish Regiment, but didn't want it to be the usual somber affair. So he asked for a coffin shaped like his favorite drink, shelling out £3,000 (about $5,057) for the 10ft-high replica. Only he didn't stop at just Jack. Wickham also plans to ask Guinness to drive him to the funeral in one of their delivery vans and then burst in to the sounds of Sid Vicious' "My Way". We can only assume he's already booked a Trappist monk to preside over the funeral.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. She has not planned her funeral, but hopes the Poe Toaster swings by her tombstone once in a while. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.