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Someone Is Selling Justin Bieber's Used Milk Glass for $70k on eBay

Last Thursday, international pop sensation and alleged grown man Justin Bieber sat down at London's Kings Oak Hotel to enjoy a hearty meal of mashed potatoes, salmon, and, as luck would have it, a tall glass of milk. Spotting the singer, the starstruck restaurant employees started to snap a few iPhone photos. But what began as an innocent attempt to show off their proximity to the celeb ended in a super-weird -- and super-pricey -- online auction of Bieber's dishes.

That's right. After the Biebs was done sucking down his cow juice, a particularly entrepreneurial hotel worker snatched up his filthy glass and almost immediately listed it on eBay. Though bidding for the sour milk monstrosity began at a measly 10 euros, it's jumped to a whopping 65,900 euros over the course of the day (that's a little more than $72,350 USD, mind you). The listing also claims that all the proceeds will benefit an animal-focused charitable fund called RSPCA Essex South West Branch. Oh, and don't worry -- the post specifies that the glass has never been washed, ensuring that any imprints those dreamy Canadian lips left behind remain fully intact.

A publicity stunt? Maybe. There's been 86 bids so far, which, if nothing else, proves that for true Beliebers, money is no object.

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Meredith Heil is a staff writer for Thrillist. It was a Wednesday, she and Boss Biebs was kinda hungry -- like two eggs, and a slop beef, slice of lettuce, and a glass of milk and some cookies. Send donations to @mereditto.