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These Coffee Cups Are Made of Coffee

Published On 05/27/2015 Published On 05/27/2015

That's right: one Berlin-based designer decided to take all of our used-up coffee grounds and turn them into something useful. Namely, a cup to drink more coffee from. It's basically caffeine Inception.

The brainchild of Julian Lechner, these bean-based vessels are made from a proprietary blend of natural polymers, wood particles, and coffee grounds gathered from local Berlin cafes, all of which is then injection-molded to produce the glorious cup-and-saucer sets you see above. The new material, dubbed Kaffeeform, is even hearty enough to withstand being tossed in the dishwasher -- although, if you're all about sustainability, you probably don't own a dishwasher.

Prospective Coffee-ception customers can purchase one cup and saucer for $27, a pair for $44, or a set of four for $76, which sounds expensive until you consider how much coffee geeks willingly drop for their caffeinated obsessions already.


Now for the bad news: the Kaffeeform cups are still in the pre-production phase, so supplies are limited, and while they're not being shipped to the United States yet (thanks to some legislative red tape), Mr. Lechner told Thrillist that he plans to have US shipping in place by late summer of this year. Tentative yay?

In the meantime, you can head over here to express your interest, or sign up for the newsletter to be alerted when US shipping is finally available.

Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and he thinks this is just the coolest idea ever. Follow his attempts at making a soup-based soup bowl on Twitter @gjaccoma



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