You might love the carbonation out of your pastel Pamplemousse, but did you know that LaCroix' got its start at a brewery? Or that the wildly popular soda brand keeps an actual registered dietitian on staff? 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... canned sparkling water!


1. It's pronounced "Lah-Croy"

The fake Frenchy name is actually a cross between the St. Croix, a river that runs along Wisconsin's western border, and LaCrosse, the beverage's Wisconsin hometown. But you already knew that, didn’t you

2. It's got more in common with beer than you might think

The bubbly bev got its start back in 1981 at GE Heileman, a small family-run Wisconsin brewery (though it was always alcohol-free). It was later acquired by a larger national corporation, but it never abandoned its humble mom-and-pop roots.

3. Its parent company, National Beverage Corp., is no small potatoes

According to a trade magazine called Beverage Digest, the national soda powerhouse that purchased LC in 1996 is now the fourth largest in the country. Not bad for a company whose stock symbol is "FIZZ."

4. You can now design your very own custom LaCroix can

Well, virtually. Pick your color scheme and claim your name at this super-cool fansite.

5. LaCroix is all-natural, but some of its fellow brands? Not so much.

National Beverage Corp. is also the mastermind behind beloved regional sugar-bombs Shasta and Faygo (but the Corp. clearly loves LaCroix the most).

6. Those pretty cans sure cover a lot of ground

Twelve separate soda plants spread throughout the country mean you can get your sparkling fix from sea to shining sea.

7. The biggest force behind America's recent LaCraze is... sugary soft drinks?

Or, really, the lack thereof. Growing disinterest in conventional soda at both a cultural and legislative level coupled with a massive upsurge in bottled water consumption set the stage for LaCroix's LaCoup (sorry/not sorry).


7B. Also, people just love them some seltzer

If the International Bottled Water Association is speaking the truth, sparkling water production increased a whopping 58% from 2010 to 2014. I knew I was on to something

8. As demand skyrocketed, the flavor range exploded

In 2004, LaCroix only offered six flavors. These days, however, it's up to 20. #blessed

9. Remember when I mentioned LC's ticker symbol? Yeah, that also popped its top.

In 2010, old FIZZ was trading for $12 a share. Now it's at $55. I wish I understood finances well enough to make a witty joke here, but I'm at a loss. Sorry, dad.


10. An IRL angel named Rakeem wrote this tribute rap and it's amazing

You're welcome.

11. Its underground cred and sudden hipster status has been likened to PBR

Reliable product, low cost, retro design, and no annoying, mind-numbing ads? Yeah, the theory checks out.

12. Brooklyn can't get enough of that P-A-M-P

A staffer at Whole Foods' friggin' ginormous Williamsburg location recently divulged that the choosy hipsters most choose the grapefruit-tinged Pamplemousse. I mean, duh, though.

13. One of those Pamp fiends even made a meme account about it

Read it, weep, and crack open another can.

14. But when it comes to Super Pamp fans, this girl takes the cake


15. It's the best

Like, literally. The folks that make it tout the product as America's best-selling domestic sparkling water. It's also the No. 1 canned brand worldwide. Take that, Schweppes.

16. Prefer bottles to cans? Move to Wisconsin or Illinois.

Though now primarily made and sold in 100% recyclable aluminum, you can still cop a few OG bottles of the stuff at select Midwestern hideaways.

17. When it comes to health, this soda's a pro

LaCroix currently counts Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist Barbara Ruhs as one of its own, which means it's pretty much the most health-conscious beverage on the market and drinking two cases of Cran-Raspberry a day is totally amazing for you.


18. Though it still likes to booze it up

Believe it or not, the official website has an entire section devoted to LaCroix-spiked cocktail recipes. It's not a regular sparkling water, it's a fun sparkling water. Mark my words.

19. Team LaCroix is a real thing

Ever wanted to rep your fave water on the racetrack (or whatever runners run on)? Good news -- now you can. The official LaCroix-sponsored running team began in South Florida and is now blowing up all over the world.

20. There's another La Croix out there, and it's as French as it sounds

La Croix, which translates to "The Cross" in Franco-talk, is a small Parisian newspaper catering to the Roman Catholic crowd. But I'm pretty sure it's not about holy water -- not exclusively, at least.

21. Contrary to popular belief, Joe Mande is 1,000% not, and never was, LaCroix's spokesperson

The writer-comedian tweeted all sorts of hilarious nonsense at the coveted soda brand from 2012 to 2014, hoping it'd eventually take him on as an official cover boy. The dream died in early 2014, however, when National Beverage Corp. served the Parks and Rec star a cease-and-desist order. Mande no longer drinks LaCroix.

22. Love those totally tubular, ugly sweater-esque cans? 

LaCroix underwent a major brand overhaul in prep for its mid-'90s relaunch, and its approachable, cheery, neon-hued, and adorably mall ratty look was meant to stand in direct opposition to the establishment's perceived snobbishness.

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Meredith Heil is a staff writer for Thrillist. Look baby this is simple, you can't see -- you f**king with her, you f**king with a P-A-M-P. Save a sip for @mereditto.



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