This LEGO Coffee Maker Is the Device Your Desk Is Missing

I'm sick of the office Keurig, you are sick of the office Keurig, and frankly, I'm sure even the good people at Keurig might even be sick of the office Keurig. Not only does it make questionable coffee, but it's as boring as Jim from accounting and the stories about his pet chinchillas (I hate that guy). Can we at least get a little excitement in our crappy brew?

In an effort to add a little caffeinated whimsy to everyday monotony, Astonishing Studios -- experts in crafting LEGO-fied vending machines -- built this Starbucks-themed coffee maker almost exclusively with the little toy bricks.

While it is just a glorified (but automatic!) instant coffee maker on the inside, it's considerably more fanciful. The actual functionality of the device is pretty damn intricate -- and as someone who could never even complete a basic Moon Command station as an enterprising 10-year-old, I should probably let the actual video speak for itself. To be clear, you don't necessarily need to use Starbucks instant coffee (any instant coffee brand will do), but it just fits the motif. 

But one thing to note: You need actual money to use this coffee maker. So if you're going to build one to put on your desk, make sure your co-workers know they need to fork over some coins before all the whimsy and java kick in.

This actually might be the secondary source of income you've been looking for. 

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He thinks fortune favors the bold. And also the rich. Follow him @wilfulton.