This bar is turning its coveted Pappy Van Winkle into Jell-O shots

Nowadays, Pappy Van Winkle is more sought-after than bootleg Double Downs. Bourbon fanatics have been known to turn on friends and promise first-borns just for a sip of the stuff, so it makes sense that Louisville's Meta is teasing a special Pappy deal at their bar tonight. Only they're not advertising it straight-up, or even on the rocks -- they're proudly touting Pappy Van Winkle Jell-O shots.

Obviously this move has lots of bourbon lovers clutching at their glasses, but Meta isn't just doing this to cause panic attacks. Co-owner Jeremy Johnson says the stunt is their way of mocking how absurd the Pappy cult has gotten. As he explains, "The hoops we've had to jump through to get just a little bit [of Pappy Van Winkle] is ridiculous. So this is a fun way to say, 'Don't forget about the other bourbons out there.'" The shots will go for $10 each, but if you can't bear to consume Pappy like a college student, don't worry: you can still order it by the glass... SQUARE.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and has always struggled with Jell-O shots. Follow her to other booze options at @kristin_hunt.