Drinking at Disney World Is About to Get a Lot Easier

If you're anything like me, you feel a small pang of chagrin every time you smuggle your flask inside the Magic Kingdom to ensure you can get toasted before you hop inside a tea cup. Because -- let's face it -- if anything is more fun after downing a few drinks, it's riding roller coasters and messing around with 8ft-tall mice

But unless you are stuck roaming Epcot there isn't much alcohol served inside Disney's confines. But on December 23rd, the Magic Kingdom area of Disney World will introduce alcohol to the menus of four existing restaurants, according to the very comprehensive Disney Food Blog. This effectively quadruples the park's number of outposts that offer booze. Nice.

Right now the only restaurant that serves inside Magic Kingdom is Be Our Guest, the Beauty and the Beast-themed eatery. By Christmas, Cinderella's Royal Table will add sparkling wine, the pseudo-fancy Tony's Town Square will serve red and white wine, the (possibly kind of racist) Skipper Canteen will add jungled-themed drinks to its menu featuring "World Famous Jungle Cuisine," and the Liberty Tree Tavern will serve American beer, cider, and wine.

The kid in me is saying, "Ew, beer tastes gross and Disney World is already the most fun place in the world!" But the adult in me is weeping and wondering how much the sparkling wine costs at Cinderella's joint.

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