ALERT: Mexican Coke is in danger of extinction

Brace yourself, cane sugar junkies. A heavy new soda sales tax might ruin Mexican Coke forever. Ay dios mio! It hit Mexico last week, and local Coca-Cola bottlers are considering switching the cane sugar in Mexican Coke to corn syrup, which would just make it American Coke, which would be a TRAVESTY.You could blame this sorry state of affairs on a couple things, but really it's all Michael Bloomberg's fault. See, the Mexican government decided to take a page from his playbook and tackle their growing obesity problem with a cruel, crippling soda tax. All soft drink sales in the country will now come with an extra peso/liter price hike, which has soda execs freaking out over production costs. They haven't made the final call yet, but just to be safe, you should probably go clear out your supermarket's international soda stash rápido.