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Miller Lite is bringing back its original cans for a limited time only

Published On 12/20/2013 Published On 12/20/2013
Miller Lite original cans beeramid
Dave Presley

Drinking a beer from 1973 is a bad idea. But if you wanna drink one that just looks like it came out of the disco age, Miller Lite's got you covered. Next month, it's releasing the limited-edition Original Lite Can, a slightly tweaked version of the first Miller Lite to ever grace fridges.

Featuring a retro hops and barley illustration plus the tagline "a fine pilsner", the Original Lite Can will be available from January to March of 2014 only. It's coming back in a nod to the brand's history... and so it could be featured in Anchorman 2, which you better believe it is. While it's around, you can grab it in 12, 16, and 24oz cans that're apparently great for creating beeramids that luckily count as "doing work".

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