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The Hanson brothers have a beer with a punny name, are apparently 21 now

Mmmhops brew by the Hanson Brothers and Mustang Brewing Company

If you ever turned on the radio in 1997, you've heard "MMMBop" by Hanson. If you didn't turn on the radio in 1997, well, there's no going back now -- time is a river, bro! But those Oklahoman teen heartthrobs (pictured below for sexy reference) have returned, by gosh, and along with a new album (Anthem, which is being released June 18th, whatever, who cares), the brothers have been working with OK-based brewery Mustang Brewing to work up some primo suds, appropriately titled "Mmmhops".While not quite ready for market yet, the assuredly high-percentage pale ale is being released in conjunction with the start of the US leg of their world tour, and was meticulously brewed in a collaboration between the brewery and the brothers, who are apparently craft beer enthusiasts (!!!) and budding young (?) businessmen. To wit: their brew was featured in the movie The Hangover Part III! Check out the beer here, or risk being the least popular kid in school.

The Hanson Brothers