Movie Mixology: The "Be Nice Boilermaker" for Road House

At one point in history called "the '80s and part of the '90s, too", Patrick Swayze was everything to everyone. He beat the hell out of people, made super-nice pottery, and danced like everyone was watching, and he knew he was really good at dancing, and was going to impress the crap out of those people.

Now he's sadly gone, but those films continue to be some of the most re-watchable, including 1989's Road House. So we called in our expert barman Justin August Fairweather from Evelyn NY, and tasked him with creating the perfect cocktail accompaniment -- which you can easily make at home with Wild Turkey, Shiner Bock, and zero special ingredients or fancy tools -- that you should drink while watching Dalton do horrible things to Jackie Treehorn in the name of justice. Watch the video to see how to make the "Be Nice Boilermaker".

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