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Gawk at NASA's zero gravity coffee cup

Published On 07/18/2013 Published On 07/18/2013
Zero gravity coffee cup

Want to feel like an astronaut, but the freeze-dried ice cream and vinyl copy of "Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Ya)" just aren't cutting it? Then check out this NASA-produced video on the zero gravity coffee cup, an invention that lets spacemen (and women, thankyouverymuch) consume their morning Joe billions of miles away from Earth. See, normally if you had cup of java up in space, trying to sip it as usual would get you nowhere. You could try to shake the surface and hope some drops jostle loose, but there's no guarantee it'd work, and you'd look like a goddamn fool. That's why some scientists conducted a series of experiments at the International Space Station that resulted in the zero gravity coffee cup, a magical tube that lets astronauts slurp coffee like a Flav-Or-Ice pop. Watch it in action in the video below, which even features a cameo by the world's #1 David Bowie tribute artist:



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