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It's National Drink Beer Day. But What Beer Should You Drink?

If you're one of the unlucky few who didn't get the day off, you may have forgotten that today is National Drink Beer Day. Which means that -- after you rush to Hallmark to get your mom a card -- you should probably, um, drink some beer. But what beer should you drink? We're glad you asked.

Are you really, really into IPAs?

Of course you are. Because they're great. Here are 25 of our favorites from throughout the country.

Are you looking to drink with other beer lovers?

There's probably a damn good beer bar near you. Even if you live in North Dakota. Here's the best one in every state.

Do you prefer to get your beer list from actual brewers?

Our Tapped series hits up some of the best brewers -- from nationally beloved breweries like Dogfish Head to regional champs like Portland's Breakside Brewery -- for five beer recommendations. You should always trust the people who make the beer you love. Get their recommendations right here.

Do you like to have your pumpkin spice and drink it too?

Breckenridge Brewery released a beer inspired by everybody's favorite sugar-crammed morning joe. Is it any good though? Find out here... your breakfast will thank you.

Beer in a cooler
Andy Kryza/Thrillist

Still pretending it's summer?

It's unseasonably warm in a lot of places around the country. Might as well keep the cooler full of these canned summer-ish beers. Get the full list right here.

Do you want a beer that kind of tastes like meat?

A New Jersey brewery finally did the unthinkable and made a beer with the state's beloved Taylor ham. We also assume it was infused with egg and the essence of Springsteen. But not Bon Jovi, the jagoff. Find out about this mad science right here.

Debates got you feeling all patriotic?

Dive into this rundown of America's greatest contributions to beer. It'll make you sniffle and shimmy with joy.

Debates got you looking for a visa?

We hear Britain and Ireland also make some very nice beers. Or you could just head out to another European country, and choose your destination with our ranking of every Euro country based on its beers.

Looking for a beer with a strong finish(ing move)?

Mortal Kombat beers are a very real thing, and don't require a Blood Code to get to the good stuff. Finish them all right here.

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Andy Kryza is a senior editor at Thrillist who celebrates National Drink Beer Day every day. Follow him to ever-expanding belts @apkryza.