Starbucks seeks to further world domination with a new line of sodas

In an effort to offer every beverage option possible and insure you never drink ANYTHING outside their store walls, Starbucks is rolling out a new line of hand-crafted sodas. Flavors include spiced root beer, lemon ale, and ginger ale, and are currently only available in test markets Austin and Atlanta, where you can slurp overpriced fizz to your heart's content. The prices currently start at $2.45 for a tall, roll along to $2.95 for a grande, and cap at $3.45 for a venti.These sodas are part of the Starbucks master plan to draw in a larger mid- to late-afternoon crowd and further diversify their menu. (They started working on the latter part by buying Teavana and the San Fran bakery La Boulange earlier this year.) At this point, we might as well start taking bets on the the launch year for Starbucks-brand poutine.