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Craft brewery joins the Space (beer) Race

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Space is the final frontier, but that doesn't mean the universe has to be the interstellar equivalent of a dry county. The Space Beer Race is on, with Aussie outfit 4 Pines already manufacturing a beer with zero-gravity drinkability and Dogfish Head dropping moon dust in a beer. Now, Oregon brewery Ninkasi is getting in on the action with the Ninkasi Space Program.

Ninkasi is teaming up with the Civilian Space eXploration Team, which became the first citizen group to launch a rocket into space in 2004. They're launching again this year, this time with 16 strains of brewer's yeast, which will afterward be used to test the viability of a space brewery, or at least to make beer with "space" in the name. Anyone with a basic knowledge of science fiction knows that there are certain risks with sending a living organism -- which yeast is -- into space untested. But, worst-case scenario, even if the yeast comes back with some of that black goo that made Spider-man all emo, it'll still probably make a kickass stout.

Andy Kryza is a senior editor on Thrillist's food and drink team. He attended Space Camp in sixth grade, and still wants his money back. Follow him to dehydrated astronaut jokes via @apkryza.