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Ditch the corkscrew: Here's how to open wine with your shoe

Published On 03/26/2014 Published On 03/26/2014

Whether you're opening a bottle of Chianti or Two-Buck Chuck, there's always a chance you'll break the cork and be forced to drain the entire bottle over an unexpectedly emotional Full House marathon. Avoid that terrifying reality by simply opening your wine with your shoe. After watching that guy from Mirabeau Wine gracefully uncork a red with his shoe, NPR decided to put this method to the test with some eager amateurs. Turns out the science is sound, but you may end up with a glassful of vino on your shirt. Find out how to do it yourself below:

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is ecstatic to find a life hack that finally supports her lifestyle. Follow her to healthy pours at @kristin_hunt.



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