Your wino cat can enjoy kitty cabernet at long last

Nyan Nyan Nouveau wine for cats
Deviantart / B&H Lifes

Dogs probably thought they had it made with their beers and gourmet treats, but cats are Machiavellian masterminds, so of course they're gonna get the fanciest stuff. Japanese company B&H Lifes just launched Nyan Nyan Nouveau, a "wine" exclusively for felines made of Cabernet Franc grapes, vitamins, and catnip to get Mr. Whiskers crunk

B&H Lifes says it was spurred to make this booze-less vino after receiving so many customer requests for "a drink for my cat that we can celebrate Christmas and birthdays with!" (Jesus, Aunt Linda, you could've stopped after the first email.) Nyan Nyan Nouveau, or Meow New (??), just debuted on the company's website at 399yen/$4 for a 180mL bottle. It's a limited 1000-bottle batch, too, so snap one up for your next cat rager ASAP! You know Aunt Linda's gonna be there.