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These are the NFL stadiums with the most overpriced beer

If you're drinking beer in any stadium in America, you're getting ripped off. But some arenas are flagrantly gouging with their inflated brew prices, and Forbes is calling them out in a new ranking of the most overpriced football stadium beers.

To pinpoint the perpetrators, Forbescompared the price of the cheapest, smallest beer at every NFL arena with the price of the same beer in a local grocery store. They then calculated the inflation, to really drive things home. Turns out the Detroit Lions faithful are getting royally screwed -- a beer at Ford Field goes for $8.50, even though it's $0.98 at Detroit supermarkets. That's a 765% mark-up, and a solid reason to stick to tailgating. Here are the rest of the offenders:

1. Detroit Lions ($8.50, 765% inflation)
2. Seattle Seahawks ($8, 710% inflation)
3. Oakland Raiders ($9.75, 693% inflation)
4. Chicago Bears ($8.50, 680% inflation)
5. Indianapolis Colts ($7, 649% inflation)
6. San Francisco 49ers ($6.25, 626% inflation)
7. Buffalo Bills ($9, 614% inflation)
8. Tennessee Titans ($5, 594% inflation)
9. New York Jets & Giants ($5, 592% inflation)
10. Dallas Cowboys ($8.50, 583% inflation)

And we thought living in Buffalo was punishment enough. Clearly, if you're a fan of any of these teams (and you insist on attending home games), you need to work on your booze-smuggling game. It's the fiscally responsible thing to do.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. She isn't really an NFL fan, but she was raised to hate the Cowboys, so suck it, Dallas. Follow her to uninformed taunting at @kristin_hunt.