6-packs are dead, long live 99-packs

With apologies to Affleck, one beer just made the greatest comeback in recent memory. Austin Beerworks has relaunched their Peacemaker suds with a new name (Peacemaker Anytime Ale) and new packaging that features 99 cans of the stuff. Really? Really.

The limited-edition pack is a deceptively skinny case that totals over 7ft in length and boasts 82lbs of beer. Austin Beerworks is stashing only a few of these suckers throughout their home city, so you're going to need to follow their social media for updates on coordinates. Should you locate one of these elusive beauties, make sure to bring along your fittest friend for the pick-up -- these things are sorta unwieldy:

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is confident she would knock out at least five people transporting this thing to her car. Follow her to safety precautions at @kristin_hunt.