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This New Caffeinated Bracelet Is Trying to Replace Coffee

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Coffee is not cheap. Plus, you have to wait in line for it and listen to someone butcher your name! Will the indignities never stop?! Well, it turns out that somebody took a cue from nicotine patches and developed a technology to just straight-up give you a boost of caffeine through your skin: Perk Energy Bands.

The Canadian company behind the caffeine-boost bracelet successfully raised $87,000 in an Indiegogo campaign in early 2016, and now is ready to sell them to the tired, tired public. Here's how it works: You slap a Fitbit-like bracelet onto your wrist with a four-hour caffeine patch. It then slowly doles out the energy to you over that period of time without any crash or jitters, the company claims.

Since a 30-pack of caffeine patches is only $30 (including the bracelet), it appears to be cheaper than anything you might find at a chain coffee shop. And unlike this coffee, the caffeine in the patch isn't enough to kill you.

h/t Business Insider

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