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Pork Roll-Flavored Beer Is Basically Jersey in a Glass

As a native of the Garden State, I can reasonably assert that all real-deal New Jersians have at least three things in common: we can't stand Zach Braff, we love cutting people off in traffic, and we've eaten at least 43lbs of pork roll in our lives -- at least.

While we can't do anything about Braff, we can now take our indulgence in pork roll (aka Taylor ham, aka that weird meat people from NJ put on bagels) to the next level thanks to Flying Fish's very aptly named Exit 7 Pork Roll Porter.

It's a goddamn pork roll beer, guys. It's like "Born to Run" in a tinted glass bottle. 


You know you're from New Jersey when.... #flyingfishbrewery #porkrollporter #noms

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The beer itself is "made with pork roll and spices." According to the brewery's site, the spice blend includes "aromas of cocoa with hints of maple and smoke from the peat smoked barley." Weirdly, it does not include essence of egg, bacon, and cheese. 

NJ purists might disagree with diluting our dearest pork product into a beer. But those are the same jagweeds who like Bon Jovi. Pour one out for Dennis Rodman, Jack Nicholson, Oprah, Bill Bradley, and all the other A-list stars hailing from the State That Hair Gel Built.

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