A nerdy genius made puntastic beer labels for every Harry Potter book

To tide you over until those misers at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter make butterbeer accessible to the masses, one artist took it upon herself to create brew labels befitting a Hogwarts grad. In Anita Brown's Harry Potter and the Beer Series, you'll find amazing beer packaging for all seven books, brought to you by the power of charms, potions, and a pinch of Adobe software. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone naturally becomes Sorcerer's Stout, Chamber of Secrets turns into Amber of Secrets, Prisoner of -- well, you get the idea. (That's right, Hermione, you can put your hand down.)

Looking at the rundown, Pilsner of Azkaban and Porter of the Phoenix sound pretty good to us, but we're willing to bet the Deathly Hops'll get you more messed up than Neville Longbottom's teeth.

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