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Essential barware to get you through the holidays

Published On 11/07/2013 Published On 11/07/2013

Because prepping for the bar would entail such things as a general bar review course, MBE foundation courses, and other things not many people care to understand, do something that takes much less rigamarole, and'll have you passionately litigating in no time: Prep Your Bar. The holidays are approaching, might as well get this one out of the way nowā€¦

Colossal Ice Cube Tray

This rubber tray forms the perfect ice square, fit for Old Fashioneds, whiskey on the rock, tequila on the rock, vodka on the rock, basically anything on the rock as you'll probably only use one cube per drink.

Classic Ice Bucket with Tongs

Since you have all those gigantic rocks, you'll need somewhere to throw 'em, and those trips back and forth to the freezer? What's up with that, AMIRIGHT?! Make sure you'll never miss a conversational beat or warm drink with this shiny, classic ice tub.

Kikkerland Lightwood Fish Corkscrew

There's nothing fishy about this corkscrewā€¦ except that it's totally shaped like a fish, but it definitely can't swim away or breathe underwater, which is why it's perfect for your bar.

Libbey Midtown Rocks Glasses, Set of 4

Since your bar is awesome, you won't need all of that bizarrely shaped stemware whose sole purpose is to hold one uber-specific cocktail, and these sleek, functional rocks glasses'll get the job done.

3-Piece Cocktail Set

It's inevitable that someone will want some weird cocktail they had this one time at an overpriced bar made by some guy in a vest with a '20s mustache and haircut. And even if you don't know how to make a so-called "Disdained Flapper", you can at least shake the hell out of some vodka and pour it like a pro. Want some unequivocal proof? Peep this guy showing you how to make the only Manhattan you'll ever need.



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