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Science now recognizes beer goggles. Everybody. Gets. Laid!

Confirming what every consenting coed, Widespread Panic fan, and recent divorcee already knew, scientists at the University of Bristol have filed a new report claiming that booze makes you more willing to hook up with people that otherwise wouldn't suit your fancy.

Despite its suspiciously fratty name, the school's Tobacco & Alcohol Group confirmed the existence of beer goggles in the most clinical way possible: by feeding both alcoholic & non-alcoholic brews to volunteers, then making them sex-rank photosets of men, women, and landscapes (?). Surprising no one, the Brits slurping real suds found the photos more attractive than their O'Doul's-pounding countrymen.

But leaving a dance floor makeout to chance is for fools & colonials, and these intrepid Bristol science-makers are neither. To be totally sure, they're testing these findings in the field at actual Bristol pubs, with actual people, over the course of the next week. If you're in Jolly Old, follow them on Twitter for a chance to slug a pint and maybe -- SHOULD SCIENCE WILL IT TO BE SO -- get your jollies.

Dave Infante is a senior writer for Thrillist. He sees the world through Colt 45-colored glasses. Follow him, dammit: @dinfontay.