This Redhook sweater koozie will keep your beer cozier than Cosby

The next time you find yourself in a ski chalet taking selfies with animal heads, don't half-ass the experience with some lame foam koozie for your mountain ale. Instead, make sure your beer is dressed as well as that '80s blonde preppy smack-talking John Cusack's black diamond game with this just-available sweater koozie from Redhook.Fork over $6 and you'll get this knitted beauty, which of course features an embroidered skier about to tear up the daunting groomers and many, many special snowflakes. The sweater koozie promises to keep your brewski (puns!) cold but your hand thawed and poised for some ski poles/more beers in sweaters the next morning. Also, on a highly semi-related note, Ski Patrol is the greatest movie of all time.