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This Wine-Dispensing Fridge Hack Will Make 2016 a Little Bit Brighter

The word "hack" gets thrown around a lot these days: "10 Hacks to Make Your Eggs Taste Better!" "13 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Sure Your Kids Don't Suck!" "11 Home Hacks That Will Keep Your Significant Other From Leaving You!"

We've reached peak hackage, where most "hacks" are just mildly interesting. But then -- just when you thought 2016 was done with surprises -- one Twitter user delivered an old-fashioned, wine-centric hack worth getting up and going to the fridge for. It's the return of the hack, so to speak.

Like the neanderthal who discovered two rocks smashed together can create fire, Twitter user ILikeTweets, aka Clare, figured out the answer to her wine-woes was right in front of her: By pouring her (probably) pinot grigio into her fridge's water reservoir, she created an instant, chilled wine spout without spending an extra dime. 

It's so simple, it's genius. It's so genius, it's crazy. It's so crazy, it definitely will get everyone tipsy which is all that really matters. And the internet couldn't help but notice. 

Of course, leave it to the French internet troll to Debbie-Down (verb) the entire vino-chilling operation. (As if that wine would be in the fridge long enough for that to even happen.)

At any rate, cheers to you Twitter Clare for ending 2016 with a bang, and making fridge hacks pretty good again. 

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