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The Sanpellegrino 75 Is Your Weekend Reward

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Is it right now yet? It is? Then HAPPY FRIDAY! You made it! It’s been a long week, but now there’s nothing between you and a joyous gathering of friends... except for the fact that you’re still reading this article instead of celebrating how much fun it is to be young (and yet over 21). And yet you are wise to do so, for now you bear the knowledge of how to make the Sanpellegrino® 75, a refreshing gin and elderflower cocktail utilizing Sanpellegrino® Limonata sparkling fruit beverage. Now smack your lips in a contented sigh that pulls double-duty of both remarking on the drink’s tart deliciousness and putting all that work behind you. Nothing but good times from here.

  • 1oz gin
  • ½ oz elderflower liqueur
  • Sanpellegrino® Limonata sparkling fruit beverage to taste
  • Lemon rind for garnish
  • Pour gin & elderflower liqueur to an iced shaker
  • Shake vigorously
  • Strain mixture into a coupe glass
  • Fill glass with Sanpellegrino® Limonata sparkling fruit beverage
  • Garnish with a twist of lemon rind

Please drink responsibly. Must be 21 or older to make and consume these drinks.